5 Pre-Marriage Treatments that Bride and Groom Must Know

Getting married is one of the most important moments for everyone. This moment definitely makes you want to look more attractive than usual. Well, wedding preparations are not just about clothes, catering, or smoothness. You who are currently the bride-to-be must also take care of your body more painstakingly.

Here are these five mandatory treatments that brides should not miss on the eve of the happy day.

Prewedding Beauty Treatments for Face and Body

Some pre-wedding beauty treatments for the face and body that you must do before the wedding, namely:

Body scrub: the graduated process is important for smoothing and brightening the skin. As a result, your skin becomes glowing and looks more stunning. If you don’t have time to go to a salon for scrubs, you can take advantage of scrub products sold in the market. Do the scrub process twice a month for maximum results.
Caring for the eye area: don’t let dark circles around your eyes make you look less special on your wedding day. Compress the eyes with cucumber slices 1 to 2 times a week so that the dark circles fade. You should also limit the consumption of salty foods that are prone to making puffy eyes.
Face masks and facials: the facial facial process should be done two weeks before the wedding so that the face is completely clean of blackheads. To brighten the appearance of a face that is already smooth, don’t forget to wear a face mask on the D-7 and D-1 of your wedding.
Exfoliating lips: use a lip scrub product to exfoliate your lips once a week. In addition, don’t forget to use lip balm in the form of a stick (lip balm) so that your lips don’t dry out and the color is always bright.

Hair Care

Types of hair care that must be done by the bride and groom are as follows:

  • Creambath, hair mask, or hair spa once a month from 2 to 3 months before marriage.
  • Use hair serum, hair oil, or hair vitamins after shampooing.
  • If you want to change the color or cut your hair, do it 3 weeks before the D day so that the model and hair color looks natural.

Hand, Foot and Nail Care

Clean hands, feet, and nails are also important so that you look charming on your wedding day. So, don’t forget to do some of the following treatments:

Soak your feet in a solution of warm water and salt to relax them and make your skin softer.
Do the waxing process or shave the hands and feet. Don’t forget to use a shave cream if you’re going to remove hair with a razor.
Trim fingernails and toenails through a manicure and pedicure process. You can also look beautiful by installing glowing nail art. The nail art installation process is carried out H-1 before the wedding so that your nails remain clean, intact, and beautiful at the wedding moment.

Dental Health Care

The condition of the teeth should also be considered before getting married. You certainly don’t want invited guests to talk about your teeth that look yellow and unkempt. So, you should do some of these dental health treatments before getting married so that your teeth are naturally white and healthy:

Cleaning tartar (scaling) to remove dirt and hard food debris. This dental treatment is also useful in overcoming the problem of bad breath and reducing the risk of gum disease.
Brush your teeth with toothpaste that contains natural teeth whitening ingredients. Now, you can rely on Closeup White Attraction 2.5x Whitening Power which is ready to remove yellow stains on your teeth. This Closeup toothpaste is formulated with 100% natural mineral clay that works like a magnet so that it can lift yellow stains on teeth naturally. There are two variants of Closeup White Attraction 2.5x Whitening Power that you can choose from, namely Pink Clay & Minty Matcha with mint and matcha leaves and Mineral Clay & Acai Berry enriched with natural acai berry ingredients.
Stop smoking and reduce consumption of certain foods and drinks that make teeth yellow, such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

Feminine Care

The last body part that must not be forgotten to be treated before marriage is the feminine area. The area must be healthy and well-maintained so that you are more confident in front of your partner. So, start doing some of these treatments ahead of the wedding day:

Clean the female area with clean water and dry it thoroughly. This simple treatment is important to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in your intimate organs. Do not let the moist condition of the feminine area trigger various diseases.
Do Kegel exercises regularly to tone the pelvic floor muscles. The prime condition of the pelvic muscles will support post-marital sexual activity.
Check your intimate organs to a gynecologist if you feel problems, for example, have vaginal discharge, smelly intimate organs, or irregular menstrual cycles.
Use underwear that is comfortable and absorbs sweat so that air circulation in the vaginal area is always smooth. This simple thing will make the vagina healthy and odor-free.

Looking stunning on your happy day is not impossible as long as you want to take the time to take care of yourself from a long time ago. Come on, make him and the invited guests fascinated with your appearance on the wedding day!





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